Transition 2019, Newlyn gallery, Cornwall

With Soraya Smithson and other artists, architects, musicians and poets, we explored the correlations between the writing of poetry, the putting on of exhibitions and the architecture of the written word and space.

Co hosts: Soraya Smithson, Victoria Smith, Tom Ebdon, Naomi Frears, Ella Frears, Blair Todd



We started with a blank canvas – an empty , white gallery space.  We invited the public to help us fill the space with text, stories, memories, drawings, words, notations, sculptures, plaster casts, weavings, peepshows, poems and music.  A new theme was developed each day, building on the makings and doings of the day before, so that by the final day the space was alive with new objects and poetry, the results of the week’s work, layered and collaged into the space.



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