Workshops and Classes

I enjoy running workshops and art classes for adults.  These are experimental and hands-on, sometimes combining mark-making and craft techniques in a single session.  Most of all, they are fun and sociable, run locally in Grantchester, Cambridge, usually at my house or in the garden.  I keep the group small so that everyone gets plenty of help and attention.

“Gorgeous, gorgeous day!  Loved felting, chatting and lunch in the pub.  An excellent group to get creative with.  Thanks, Vicky, for being so enthusiastic and fun to learn from”  Sophie

“Thank you, Vicky, for your patience and creative inspiration”  Leonie

“And thank you for all the liberating and fun art sessions.”  Pippa

 “I really learned a lot today” Geraldine

“Today was great.  I am beginning to understand about negative space a bit more, along with light and shadows” Jayne

Do get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.  I am happy to run tailored sessions to suit your group.

  • Indigo dyeing days
  • Felting workshops
  • Mark-making and drawing
  • Painting

After Eight’s women’s group  in Grantchester – making paper cutouts inspired by Matisse.

Painting still life with oils on coloured backgrounds.

Experimental mark making and drawing.

Group drawings – one shoe each.


IMG_1449Still Life with limited palette of magenta, cyan and yellow.

Some quick drawing exercises.

IMG_8541.jpgExploring shadows and placement of objects

IMG_4279.jpgFelting workshop, making scarves

IMG_0287.jpgIndigo day – making sarongs for holiday….

IMG_0072.jpgTie dye with potassium permanganate